Tue 21 July 2015
Create Release and Upload Build Artifact on GitHub from the Command Line
Fri 17 July 2015
Setting Up SSL on AWS CloudFront Using your Own Domain
Wed 01 July 2015
Creating a WordPress Plugin to Integrate an External Script
Thu 27 March 2014
Building an embeddable Javascript widget (third-party javascript)
Sun 26 January 2014
Publish a Message to Multiple Channels with Redis Pub/Sub and Lua Scripting
Tue 17 December 2013
Parsing the Bitcoin block chain with Go language using Gocoin
Thu 12 December 2013
Tracking Changes in Directories with Python
Thu 12 December 2013
Using Yeoman with Flask
Mon 28 October 2013
Monitor Transactions on Bitcoin Addresses with Python and TxWatcher
Tue 17 September 2013
Playing with Python and cgminer RPC API
Tue 17 September 2013
Rigs monitoring: a self-hosted monitoring dashboard for your mining rigs (Bitcoin mining) written in Python
Wed 11 September 2013
Using Yeoman with a Custom Development Server
Tue 20 August 2013
Backing up your tweets to Camlistore with Python and Camlipy
Tue 20 August 2013
Camlipy: Unofficial Python client for Camlistore
Wed 24 April 2013
Bakthat 0.5.0 released with OpenStack Swift support and BakManager integration
Sun 31 March 2013
How to convert seconds to human readable interval back and forth with Python
Thu 21 March 2013
Backing up MongoDB to Amazon Glacier/S3 with Python using sh and bakthat
Wed 20 March 2013
Bakthat 0.4.5 released, introducing a new helper: KeyValue
Fri 25 January 2013
Using Twitter REST API v1.1 with Python
Fri 21 December 2012
Dynamically Load Python Modules or Classes
Mon 19 November 2012
Setup a remote IPython notebook server with Numpy/Scipy/Maltplotlib/Pandas in a virtualenv on Ubuntu Server
Mon 05 November 2012
How to configure ubuntu's firewall using Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW)
Wed 24 October 2012
Getting started with boto and Glacier
Thu 18 October 2012
Bakthat 0.2.0 released adding Amazon Glacier support
Sun 23 September 2012
How to track page views and clicks on your Brunch/Chaplin/Backbone app with Clicky Web Analytics
Mon 10 September 2012
Build a Backbone/Brunch/Chaplin Backend with Python Flask and MongoDB
Mon 20 August 2012
How to keep Celery running with supervisor
Thu 19 July 2012
Ubuntu/Debian - Encrypted incremental backups with duplicity on Amazon S3
Sat 21 April 2012
Using Bootstrap as a git submodule
Mon 26 March 2012
Using Google Translation API v2 with Python
Sun 11 March 2012
5 Things I Do When Setting Up Ubuntu Server
Thu 08 March 2012
How To MongoDB Replica Sets

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